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Syntheseas, Inc. is a biotech company researching gene discovery for producing marine aquaculture crops with greater yields, better nutrition, and resistance to disease for future food security.

The leadership at Catalina Sea Ranch, LLC, formed Syntheseas, Inc. to conduct research for genetic innovations that improve marine animal welfare and better productivity traits for marine aquaculture. This research promises to result in sustainably produced, responsibly grown, and healthier marine crops to increase our global food supply and provide for the future population, while protecting our oceans.

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The ocean has suffered from global climate changes, resulting in acidification, increase temperature, and loss of natural species. Syntheseas, Inc. will be creating marine crops that will replenish aquatic ecosystems and restore the fragile state of our oceans. With expansion of Catalina Sea Ranch in 2019 to 3000 acres, the majority of the ranch will remain in the ocean and create vital ecosystems, provide cleaner water, revitalize animal populations, and produce nutrient rich environments.



The scientific team at Syntheseas, Inc. will employ bioengineering for precision breeding with new gene editing technologies and techniques that have the potential to accelerate the natural breeding process. These accelerated improvements in genetics will likely triple productivity in sustainable and regenerative marine crops without the need of using potable fresh water.