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The ocean is largely unexplored, in fact, we know more about the surface of the moon than the oceans of our planet. Syntheseas, Inc. is a biotech company exploring the potential of ocean microbes for the production of novel products.

We are tapping in to the vast diversity of ocean organisms, and their associated microbiome, to find a sustainable, environmentally friendly path to creating new solutions to fulfill the needs of our growing population.

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Syntheseas, Inc. will create novel products; using only seawater, CO2, and sunlight to enable our growth platforms. We will not require the cultivation of crops on arable land, and will not need to use potable water for our platform, in fact, we aim to reduce the overall carbon footprint of our facilities and sequester CO2 from the environment.



The scientific team at Syntheseas, Inc. will employ the latest tools in bioengineering, enabling the rapid development of our microbes for quick deployment into our growth platform. Our microbes will operate in symbiotic environments; each microbe producing a component that will be utilized by it adjacent counterpart, limiting the need for excess starting materials and driving down the cost of operations.